Friday, June 17, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

I must confess

So, I shop at Whole Foods (sometimes), but, I'm there a couple times a week. I like tasting soup. When I would meet Travis for lunch or something at Central Market, I would always try to get there ten minutes early in order to taste as many soups as I could without drawing too much attention to myself. 

The way the soups are set up at whole foods is much more convenient for an undercover non-customer, soup taster like me, because Whole Foods has 3 sets of at least 6 different soups genres around the store. So, you can choose from at least 18 soups and you can just go circle the store alternating stations to be unsuspecting. 

Well, I always get my soup tasting cups from the counter at the fish stand and go straight for either clam chowder or fisherman's style cioppino, but sometimes they have run out at the counter and you have to ask, but I don't like having to do that. Well, last week that happened and in the wine section I saw some wine tasting cups out for I took 'em.

that's all


Tyonce's Audition 480p from Becky Vander Ploeg on Vimeo.

After we made our first video for Tyonce to be cast on Rue Paul's Drag Race, we found out about some we mixed some new footage with some old for the final submission. We got it in today-tomorrow is the deadline. Everyone please keep your finger's crossed! 

*the new material begins at 2:40-7:11, and then at 10:35-12:00


Saturday, May 21, 2011

the last supper

So, a few weeks back I was discussing with some friends the topic of "what would you choose for your last supper?". After some thought I was equally torn between a chipotle with a margarita and an ice cream cone from McDonalds for dessert OR a sushi dinner; but those meals make me so happy that the dying part would be even harder, buttttt you want to die it's good.

well this this whole Reptar or whatever it's called thing coming, I'd like to ask my lovely Beckysay constituents: what are you having for dinner tonight?

See you on the flip side

Sorry, no time to post any photos-I gotta go!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the corner store

A couple days ago I heard this Akron/Family song called "So it Goes"and really liked it.

it goes:

I went away, away from this open heart,
Away from this place I started so long ago.
Out there I found, out in this lovely world,
So many people just like myself.
Just like them, I stopped giving my change,
To all the homeless people out on the street.
But I changed back. I give my change again,
To anyone who asks so long as I have a pocket.
Last night I saved $1.80 on ice-cream at Safeway,

a woman outside then asked me for a dollar-eighty,
Was it meant to be, an act of God or robbery,
I myself don't know, so it goes.

Then last night I went to Trudy's in a group of 12 and felt drowsy post meal. I decided to step out and buy a Redbull at the Botega down the way. As I was walking, I saw a transient looking man up ahead lying, smoking a cigarette with his head tilted up on some stairs. As I was contemplating crossing to the other side of the street to avoid being asked for change, I had a change of heart, and stopped to see if I had a small bill and approached him with a dollar. He said all that he really needed was an ambulance, whereupon I realized that his head was bleeding from the temple and he had macerations above and below his eye. He had hit a bump in the pavement and had fallen out of his wheelchair. He was completely grateful when I took charge of his situation. EMS was dispatched and came to the scene quickly, and I saw Mr. Urquart off with them.

The whole thing renewed my sense of purpose and also my feelings toward spirituality. He had been there for 30 minutes and no one listened to him, bless his heart. I almost avoided the situation entirely. All my life, I have had a perhaps more pronounced sense of compassion and connection towards the homeless, and with age have distanced myself from the outreach that was once part of my life. I feel very positive about becoming a nurse, and very lucky to have the opportunity to do so, because I think I will find great fulfillment in the field.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Want and Waiting

Earlier in the day while I was out on my errands, I thought of this Florence and the Machine song. I've been listening to her album Lungs quite a bit, but haven't listened in maybe a week or so, and immediately all I wanted to do was go on a jog and zone out to it.

Well, last night I burnt my mouth pretty severely on some fried beets, making eating extremely painful, and I am out of coffee at home-without coffee in the morning, the day does NOT get going. This meant I needed to find some coffee for the morning and also some food I could swallow; I did so, all the while looking forward to my run with Florence.

When the time had finally come, I was so happy. I got going but my knee didn't feel right. I kept going, but IT HURT. I had to stop. Such a minor bummer, really, but, not getting your way is a hard thing to accept, especially when your mind is set---how do I  change gears with charm?

I began thinking about more major dreams than an afternoon jog that don't materialize and I felt overcome by a sense of how much I DO have to be grateful for.

Learning to gracefully have patience in times when I am in want is something I am working on. I wonder if with age and wisdom it will ever become easier?

I know that in our 20's, it is an issue which we all battle. If anyone has anything that they hold to to make waiting easier, enlightenment is welcomed.

The one that comes to mind for me is:
"The girl that's worthwhile is the girl who can smile when everything goes dead wrong"


One of my biggest blessings this month was joining Leigh Vallely's pilates studio. (She is the woman in this video)

Its been almost a year since I have taken a course in the arts, and I had forgotten how much I thrive in that kind of an environment. I pretty much idolize the owner of the studio. She teaches some of the classes. When she gives me any praise I get so happy and think about it again and again through out the week. It makes me want to grow, grow, grow.

She was taking a class on Wednesday that I attended and she was on the mat besides me (not teaching). As I watched her move out of my peripheral I felt overwhelmed by reverence, admiration, and maybe even was amazing. She is really inspiring.

From the get go, I felt pretty intimidated by her (and still am)-probably because she has this amazing body, a nice and cool voice and is just very composed and neat. But the coolest part about her is that she is SO NICE. So, I shouldn't be that intimidated, but I am.

It's nice to have people to look up to. I have many, and I am glad to have found another in my life.

I hope to be a part of the advanced class within the next six months. Practice makes perfect :)